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Do you know why you are feeling stressed, tired, and generally unwell?

Are you suffering from recurring health problems such as: acid indigestion, allergies, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, constipation, herpes, IBS, headaches, high blood pressure, low energy, PMS, yeast infections... to name just a few?

Deborah Laniado

DIP.Herb (C.N.M)

College of Naturopathic Medicine

Ever thought about natural medicine to help deal with the root cause of your problems, rather than focusing on the symptoms?

Naturopathy is a system of medicine that focuses on the long-term prevention of illness with the use of natural, non-toxic therapies.

My name is Deborah Laniado. I'm a fully qualified Naturopath (DIP. Herb C.N.M) based in West Hampsead, North London.

My approach to health is unique in that it combines both current scientific research and traditional herbal knowledge to achieve optimal results for my clients.

Call me now on 0800 242 5873 for a free 15 minute health consultation as I'm here to help.

Deborah Laniado

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